The history of Murebest

In the spring of 1993, Muhamet STOJKU and his two sons,
  • Rexhep STOJKU
  • Besnik STOJKU

Opened their first showroom with second hand italian furniture in Fier. In 1994 they expanded their actvity with a shop in Lushnje and one in Korca with new and second hand italian furniture.
In 20 March1996 they found the Firm “MUREBEST” sh.p.k. in Fier wich stands for MUhamet- RExhep- BEsnik- STojku. The “Murebest” headquarters are in Fier, L. 11 Janari, Rr. “Ramiz Aranitasi”. The juridical status is sh.p.k. The primary objective of “Murebest” is the Import-Export of Italian Furniture. “Murebest” sh.p.k – From it's foundation, it's activity consists in importing and dealing of 100% Italian furniture, for furnishing of dwelling places, Villas, Office furnitures, furnishing institutions, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants etc.
Some of the activities realized by “Murebest” are: 25-30 November 1996: - “Murebest “ –Took part for the first time in “KLIK EXPO KLIK” fair, together with the firm “JAMA“. November 1997 : - “Murebest” –Took part in the important project for the furnishing of the buliding of the City Hall of Fier City. 26 April 1998 :- “Murebest” - Seeing the progress and the increasing demand of the custommer, the taste and high quality of the furnishing as well as the correctness, the borders of the firm expand with a new filial in the Albanian capital, in Tirana. 8 December 2000 :- “Murebest”, thanks to the confidence created in the market, besimi i krijuar në treg, materializes the work with the partial furnishing of the Presidence of the Republic of Albania.
“Murebest” – With a dignified presentation has taken part in many various fairs of the Albanian business. 25-30 November 1999:- “Murebest”, with a very good presentation takes part in the “KLIK EXPO KLIK” fair, where it introduces for th first time in Albania of the furniture line “formitalia luxury group ” ( Paolo GUUCI design ). After this success, the second shop in the Tirana filial is opened. 15-20 April 2001:-“Murebest”, in the “Expo Primo” fair, with the franchise of the most famous firms of the Italian production, the maximal appreciation The Gold Cup is achieved.
The increasing demand and the appreciation of the client’s commodity, was considered by “Murebest”, to extend is activity with a broader range of products in its Show Rooms, such as: Furniture for Offices, Bars, Restaurants, wooden parquet, wooden and stainless steel staircases, inner and outside doors, etc. “Murebest” Ltd. offers : Transportation, assemblance and the technical assistence for its clients.
29 April 2003:- “Murebest”, in Prishtina inaugurates the third filial. The consolidation of the business and the ambition to offer its services even more widely, made “Murebest” expand its activity even in Kosovo. Seriousness at work and the service towards the client made it possible for “Murebest” to become wellknown all over Kosovo, within a very short period of time.
Other important activities which exceed the dimensions of one-client service also acquire the diensions of a public service, carried out with correctness on the part of “Murebest”Ltd.
These services are:
2005 - Furnishing of Hotel “Kontinental” in the Tiranë- Durrës motorway.
2006 - Furnishing of Hotel “Dolce Vita “ at Durrës beach.
2007 - Furnishing of Hotel “Baci” in Prishtina (the bar and the hall).
2008 - Furnishing of Hotel “Alpet” at Sukth, Durrës, (rooms).
- Partial furnishing of Hotel “President” in Tirana.
- Furnishing of the Government Residences in Dajt and in Pogradec.
2009 - Furnishing of the Offices of “Klan” Television, as well as furnishing of the studio and the stage of the emission “E Diela Shqipetare”.
- Furnishing of the Offices of the Company “Alb-Star” (2200 m² offices) in Fier.
- Furnishing of Hotel “Fieri” in Fier.
2010 - Furnishing with furniture and partition panels the "Bankers Petroleum Albania" offices in Fier
25 January 2012: Opening of new Showroom-in Tirana. A new Showroom and modern area of about 1000 m².
2012 - Expanded our activity by adding Italian top quality wood and wood-aluminum windows
2013 - Furnishing the headquarter offices of "ALBstar" in Tirana.
2013 - Furnishing the rooms of hotel "Bonita" in Golem
2013 - Furnishing the "Best Western" hotel in Rinas.
“Murebest”: Is a participant in various television activities such as:
“Kënga Magjike” or “E Djela Shqiptare” as an important sponsor, not just for advertising but also for development of the Albanian society in general.
2007: - “ Murebest” has moved into the new show-room 800 m² in Fier, where are located also the head offices, with a qualified and motivated staff to effectvely fulfil the demands of the client.
From the Year 2007: “Murebest” has franchise of more tan 160 Italian Firms The quality of the products which “Murebest” presents, makes it be Leader of the Italian furniture in the Albanian territory.
“Murebest”: -Cooperates with architects and architecture studios in Albania, Kosovo and Italy.
Welcomes any kind of cooperation in new projects, offering guaranty, reliability, transparence in quality and prices.
“Murebest”, is always coherent and open to novelty.
In 2014 we were awarded by the Chamber of Commerce as the "Best Furniture Supplier"
In 2015 we opened our new showroom in Prishtina Kosovo. (1200 m2)

Në pranverë të vitit 1993, Muhamet STOJKU dhe dy djemtë e tij,

  • Rexhep STOJKU
  • Besnik STOJKU
Hapën dyqanin e parë me Mobilje të përdorura Italiane në qytetin e Fierit, si person Fizik.




Bashkia Fier


Prisidency of the Republic of Albania


Panairi Expo Primo


Iran Embassy Tirana


Residences of Dr.Ibrahim Rugova (Prishtine)


Offices of Dr.Ibrahim Rugova (Prishtine)


Hotel Continental (Vore)


Hotel Dolce Vita (plazh,Durres)


Hotel Baci (Prishtinë)


  • Hotel Alpet/Gulf (Sukth,Durres)
  • Hotel President/Calsberg (Tirana)
  • Residences Dajt (Tirana)
  • Residences Pogradec


  • Klan offices
  • Studio and scene of "E diela Shqiptare"
  • Hotel Fieri
  • Zyrat qendrore të Alb Star në Fier


Bankers petroleum Albania offices (Fier)


Hotel Bonita (mobilim i pjesshem/"shkembi i Kavajes")


Hotel Best Western (Tirana airport)